Why Rent

Renting equipment helps put at ease the stresses of worrying about managing a fleet or risk of ownership.  Plus, renting also gives you the opportunity to Try Before You Buy.  Our Rental and Sales staff understand these demands and can assist you in getting the right machine for the job.

Reasons to Rent from Lyle Machinery

  1. We work with you on your job requirements
  2. We are fast and reliable
  3. We offer the best equipment for the job
  4. Competitive weekly and monthly rates
  5. The process is simple
  6. Rental purchase options available
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New/Updated Machines

Our rental fleet stays up to date allowing you to rent the newest machines with the most innovative technology.

Less Maintenance & Costs of Ownership

Our machines go through an in-depth inspection process to ensure that every machine is ready to work upon arrival.

Project Specific Rentals

There is no need to own machines that may only be used for a certain job. Rent the equipment you need for that specific job. 

Try It Before You Buy It

You have the opportunity to put a machine to work and determine whether or not it is the right machine for your job.

No Equipment Storage Issues

Eliminate the burden of storing machines that are not part of your primary fleet.

No Initial Purchase Costs

Reduce capital expenses.