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Lyle Machinery is proud to be a Terramac Dealer providing crawler carrier sales to Mississippi, and parts of Northern Louisiana. Terramac carriers are strategically designed for off-road use affording contractors access to remote and confined jobsites with ease. These versatile units feature rubber tracked technology with low ground pressure and increased traction to travel across rugged, wet, loose and steep terrains while minimizing ground damage. Ideal for hauling materials, personnel or support equipment, crawler carriers are improving efficiencies for many industries we serve including: general construction, pipelines, utilities and more. Completely customizable, Terramac models easily accommodate specialty attachments such as cranes, personnel carriers, hydroseeding units, straw blowers, tac welders and digger derricks. The options with Terramac are truly endless and we’re confident our Terramac carrier line will exceed your expectations.

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The Terramac RT6 is a compact crawler carrier with a 12,000-lb. carrying capacity delivering increased access to confined jobsites. The unit features rubber tracked technology which exerts 5.3-psi to minimize environmental damage while providing the traction necessary to conquer adverse ground conditions. Equipped with a 155-hp Cummins B4.5 Performance Series engine, the RT6 is both powerful and nimble for efficiently tackling a wide range of remote jobsite applications. The RT6 crawler carrier comes standard with a dump bed and may be customized with specialty attachments.


The Terramac RT7R is the most compact 360-degree rotating crawler carrier designed by Terramac. This unit is equipped to haul up to 7 tons of material and dumps from any angle or on the go for maximum efficiency. The RT7R’s rotation keeps operators in a face-forward position at all times offering enhanced safety while providing greater access to remote projects and tight spaces.


The Terramac RT9 is a mid-sized all-terrain carrier with an 18,000-lb. carrying capacity for hauling materials, equipment and people to and from hard-to-reach jobsites. The featured rubber tracked technology allows the RT9 to easily operate on loose and wet ground conditions and its low ground pressure provides the traction necessary to climb steep terrains. The RT9 boasts a 225-hp Cummins QSB T4F 6.7 diesel engine and 2-speed hydrostatic transmission which provide substantial power to the carrier while the advanced hydraulic system delivers improved efficiency and control. The RT9 crawler carrier comes standard with a dump or flat bed and may be customized with specialty attachments.


The Terramac RT14 is a heavy duty crawler carrier boasting a 28,000-lb. carrying capacity for hauling the heaviest loads. Delivering unmatched power and efficiency the RT14 is equipped with a 310-hp QSB 6.7 T4F Cummins diesel engine and travels up to 6.8-mph to ensure quick cycle times to keep productivity levels on point. The RT14 exerts a meek 7.4-psi when fully loaded allowing the carrier to tackle adverse conditions and reach remote jobsites with ease. The RT14 crawler carrier comes standard with a dump or flat bed and may be customized with specialty attachments.


The Terramac RT14R is a rotating crawler carrier with a 28,000-lb. carrying capacity designed for off-road, heavy duty material hauling. The RT14R is built with a rugged 360° rotating upper frame to offload materials at any angle or on the go and reduces cycle times for maximum productivity. Featuring a powerful 320-hp QSL9 T4F Cummins engine and a ground pressure of just 8.3-psi, the RT14R travels effortlessly through sensitive terrains to reach remote jobsites while leaving a minimal footprint. The unit’s rotation also enhances safety by affording operators the ability to maintain a face forward position at all times.


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