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HAMM AG – Specialists in rollers for road construction and earthwork

Lyle Machinery is the leading dealer for Soil and Asphalt compaction.  We are proud to represent HAMM Rollers in this market.

HAMM offers a wide range of products for all aspects of soil and asphalt compaction, utilizing leading machine and compaction technology. Along with the technical requirements, ergonomic design and simple operation are prime concerns. And thus, HAMM finds a perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design.

With over 200 models between 1.5 and 25 t, HAMM offers an extremely diverse product range for earthwork, road construction and gardening and landscaping worldwide. The product range includes compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tire rollers.


Series H CompactLine

The extremely compact H CompactLine compactors offer extremely high gradability of up to 60% and maximum ground clearance thanks to the drive provided by modern wheel motors. The three-point articulated swivel joint, combined with a very short wheelbase, ensure optimum driving and handling characteristics. The compactors in the H CompactLine are also very short, making them ideal for narrow construction sites and compaction work on rough terrain.

Series H

H series compactors are the high-performance professionals for modern earthwork with a high compaction force. The compactors really showcase their qualities off-road – the three-point articulated swivel joint and the large slope angle front and back make them extremely maneuverable whilst ensuring optimum driving stability. Modern motors with future-proof technology ensure extremely low emissions.

H5i, H5iP, H7i, H7iP, H10i, H10iP


HD12 VV, HD14i VV, HD+70i VV, HD+90i VV, HD+120i VV-HF, HD+140i VV-HF

Series HD CompactLine

The articulated compact rollers in the HD CompactLine, with operating weights of between 1.4 and 4.5 t, are real all-rounders for asphalt construction, earthwork and landscape gardening. Their operation is extremely easy and requires no special language skills. Moreover, the wasp-waist rollers impress on account of their optimum visibility and outstanding driving and handling characteristics attributable primarily to the three-point articulated swivel joint.

Series HD+

The articulated tandem rollers in the HD+ series cover the 7 t to 14 t range with over 40 models. The XXL cab or platform is extremely large and comfortable. From there, drivers have an excellent view of the drums, the water sprinkling system and the surrounding area. With their exceptionally favorable weight distribution, the HD+ series rollers stand out in terms of handling and compaction characteristics. Whether straights, slopes, bends or roundabouts – these rollers quickly produce perfectly smooth surfaces.


Series HP

The HP series pneumatic tire rollers offer impressive performance in earthwork and asphalt construction across the entire line. Drivers experience a spacious and comfortable driver’s platform, available as a panoramic cab or open version. An asymmetrical frame and the clever machine design also produce excellent visibility.

GRW 180i-10, GRW 180i-15, GRW 180i-20, GRW 280i-25, GRW 280i-30


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